About Us

We thought it would be a rather ripping wheeze to just give you the teensiest glimpse into our world of funny cards, so here is a typical day in the bigwigs domain...

Dogs Doodahs' Towers...

8.00am The first chaps and chapesses crawl into work after the previous evening at the wine bar. There’s generally a round of Bloody Marys as a bit of an eye-opener.
9.00am It’s normally around this time that someone suggests a little libation before work commences in earnest.
10.00am A quick snifter or two to stimulate the jolly-old creative juices. There may be a suggestion about doing some work, but it’s generally ignored.
11.00am Pink gins all round! Some chat about something vaguely to do with work occurs in the vacinity of the corporate drinks-cabinet.
12.00 Pre-luncheon G&Ts. "More jolly-super than Jilly Cooper!" we all agree.
1.00pm A couple of cases of Bolly to wash down the caviar sarnies. By this time one or two of our number are just feeling slightly tiddley.
2.00pm A postprandial tincture prior to the afternoon's idleness.
3.00pm Some tea-time Pimmsy-poos. Signs that some are defo a little squiffy.
4.00pm "Seems like yonkeroos since we've had a slurp," says someone, and so out comes some champoo.
5.00pm Many are now frightfully blotto, but still time for a noggin or two before leaving.
6.00pm The last stragglers pack up their hip-flasks and head for the saloon-bar of the Stoat And Scrotum...